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Thinking of taking up running? (extract from Your Chiropractor)

Or maybe running is already your preferred choice of exercise…

Running is a repetitive motion sport that requires your body to undergo wear and tear at a much higher rate than non-weight bearing sports or everyday activities. Running requires that each leg and its associated joints, muscles and ligaments withstand forces equal to seven to ten times more than that of walking. This repetitive action can contribute to increased wear and tear and/or musculoskeletal injury.

Running for exercise is not for everyone – but if you currently run, or are thinking of taking up running for exercise, then the following may be of benefit to you:

Useful Tips For Preventing Running Injuries:

Strengthen the areas which are vulnerable.

Buy and utilise the correct footwear.

Use the correct running posture.

Warm up before your running workout.

Gradually step up your running program.

Cool down appropriately to minimise stiffness and soreness.

Ensure your spine and pelvis are in the correct alignment.

Regular chiropractic care addresses musculoskeletal issues prior to the onset of injury and/or chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Regular chiropractic care may help you run longer and more efficiently by addressing these things preventatively.

Check with us for advice that is unique to your specific needs.