About the practice

Our Practice Objective

Our goals are all about helping people of all ages attain a state of optimal physical health and well being through correction of spinal function.

Vertebral segmental dysfunction is a condition where one or more of the 24 vertebra in the spinal column no longer functions as it is designed to. This poor joint function of the spine can cause irritation to spinal nerve tissues, thus interfering with the nerves’ ability to transfer impulses to other organs and tissues in the body, which can directly and adversely affect your overall health.

Our practice objective is to restore proper joint function by properly correcting spinal fixations. The goal of these adjustments are to help your body function at it’s highest possible potential.

Chiropractic Treatment & Techniques

Chiropractic has been proven effective in the treatment of many physical ailments and may help:  (Result may vary and your chiropractor will discuss your expected response to treatment after a history and examination have been performed.)

Our services include…

  • Activator & Blocking Adjustment

    Activator and blocking adjusting to correct spinal dysfunctions in those unable to tolerate manual adjusting methods.

  • Joint Adjustment

    Chiropractic adjusting for foot, ankle, knee, hip, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

  • Workshops

    Regularly held workshops for supportive exercise demonstration and injury prevention.

  • Massage Therapy

    Remedial and relaxation massage therapy.

  • Spinal Adjustment

    Gentle Diversified Chiropractic spinal adjusting to correct subluxations, strengthen the spine and reduce nerve system interference.

  • Blocking Techniques

    Thompson drop table and blocking techniques.

  • Exercise Prescription

    Personalised rehabilitative exercise prescription.

  • Nutritional Advice

    Advice on nutrition, diet, and healthy eating.

About our friendly team

Michael Haworth
Dr. Michael Haworth, Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Haworth says that many of today’s health problems are caused by bad posture, poor work and home ergonomics, lack of proper exercise and poor diet. Dr. Haworth utilises a variety of techniques to help his patients get better. These usually include chiropractic spinal adjustments, personalized home exercises and stretches, posture education and diet consultation.

Emily Haylock-Jordan
Dr. Emily Haylock-Jordan, Chiropractor

Emily is a graduate of RMIT.  After being in practice for a few years she sought extra education in the treatment of children and pregnant patients, completing a 2-year diplomate program.  She has a special interest in helping pregnant women have more comfortable pregnancies and working with children to help them maintain stronger, healthier spines.

Alistair Huett
Dr. Alistair Huett, Chiropractor

Alistair is a Chiropractor, who graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science/Chiropractic. Alistair’s focus is to deliver chiropractic care to people of all ages and loves to work with athletes and sports players. Alistair has a keen interest in all sports whether it be playing or watching. Whilst studying Alistair spent some time abroad in Japan learning from chiropractors at the Tokyo College of Chiropractic in order to up skill in different styles of adjusting and communication. Alistair participated in multiple outreach programs delivering chiropractic to those in need. Alistair’s goal is to use a variety of chiropractic techniques to help reduce your pain and improve the function of your spine and nervous system to allow your body to function at its maximum capacity. 

Natalie Gowan
Dr. Natalie Gowan, Chiropractor

Dr. Natalie has a special interest in treating families, from infants to the elderly. She also has a strong interest in Sports care and rehab. She uses Diversified, Activator, and soft tissue therapies as well as rehab exercises.

We will give honest advice about the four most important questions

“What is causing
my problem?”

"Can it be corrected?"

"How long will it take?"

"How much will it cost?"

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