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As experienced chiropractors in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we have been providing care to our local community for over 20 years for conditions including headaches, low back pain, sciatica, pins and needles in the arms and legs, migraines, and neck pain. Our goal is to provide the best possible chiropractic care available. We also offer high-quality therapeutic myotherapy and massage, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine on-site.

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We provide relief for a variety of ailments including...
pins and needles
Pins & Needles
neck pain
Neck Pain
low back pain
Lower Back Pain

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Report of Findings

First Treatment
(if applicable)

1/2 Hour Massage

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Meet our friendly team

Michael Haworth
Dr. Michael Haworth

Dr. Michael Haworth says that many of today’s health problems are caused by bad posture, poor work and home ergonomics, lack of proper exercise and poor diet. Dr. Haworth utilises a variety of techniques to help his patients get better. These usually include chiropractic spinal adjustments, personalized home exercises and stretches, posture education and diet consultation.

Emily Haylock-Jordan
Dr. Emily Haylock-Jordan

Suzie Faulkner
Suzie Faulkner

Our therapist, Suzie Faulkner, is very skilled and offers a variety of techniques and styles of massage. Many of our clients find cupping and dry-needling a wonderful addition to their massage. Most insurance companies will reimburse for myotherapy and we have on-site billing for those companies that utilize HiCap billing.

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  • Initial Consultation

    Thorough initial consultation and examination.

  • Tailored Treatment

    A tailored treatment program created specifically for each patient.

  • Personalised Care

    Personalised chiropractic care in your own private consultation room.

  • Payment

    On-site health fund billing through HiCaps.

  • Equipment

    We use state-of-the-art equipment and chiropractic techniques.

  • Treatment

    We use gentle treatment for a wide variety of complaints.

  • Additional Services

    We also offer professional Massage, Myotherapy and Kinesiology taping (kinesiotaping) services.

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