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Pins and Needles

Most of us have felt these pins and needles in our arms, generally after sleeping on one of them. We are not usually overly worried about pins and needles from this but it can be a problem when it happens for no obvious reason.

What are the causes?

The medical term for “pins and needles” is “paresthesias” and it can be caused by a variety of influences such as panic attacks, poor circulation, arthritis, disc disease, disc bulging and nerve compression.

Nerve compression in the lower half of the neck tends to cause pins and needles into the arms and hands whereas compression in the lower spine can cause pins and needles into the legs and feet.  If the compression is severe enough it can cause loss of function of the limb, muscle weakness, and muscle wasting.  When compression is this far along you will most likely be referred to your GP for a referral to a neurologist as this can lead to permanent nerve damage if left untreated.

Chiropractic treatment may be beneficial for many cases of nerve entrapment or irritation.  Chiropractors seek to address the underlying cause of the paresthesia.  In the case of nerve irritation or bulging the chiropractor will attempt to reduce the nerve irritation or compression with spinal manipulation or other decompression technique.

At Rosanna Chiropractic Health Centre we also utilise a Flexion Distraction technique table to treat disc related nerve compression.  This form of spinal decompression may help to remove nerve pressure reducing or ridding sensations of pins and needles.  It is usually considered a comfortable and effective way to reduce pressure in the low back.

How does chiro help?

What should you do?

If you have been suffering from pins and needles it is important to locate the cause of this to help formulate a specific treatment.  At, Rosanna Chiropractic Health Centre, we will take a detailed history, perform an examination and refer you out for x-rays (if deemed necessary).

Once found, we will then explain the cause of your pins and needles are and suggest a treatment pathway.  That may include chiropractic care or it may be a referral to a specialists.

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