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Ever wonder if 3-D glasses are safe for your eyes? (extract from Your Chiropractor)

3-D glasses have become very popular with the proliferation of movies designed for viewing in 3-D. The good news is that 3-D glasses pose no serious danger and they can be considered safe. 3-D glasses are really just presenting an optical illusion to your eyes, similar to a mirage, so they pose no danger of serious damage.

How Do They Work?

There are a variety of ways to make an image appear in 3-D. The most common way is to create two images that are slightly different to each eye. 3-D glasses work by having each lens block out one of the two images, either through colour or through the polarisation of the light.

What About Eye Strain?

Some people experience eye strain and or headaches after using 3-D glasses for a long time. If you or perhaps your child experience these feelings, remove the glasses and rest and you should feel better quickly.

Because 3-D glasses affect the way you see, they should not be worn when doing anything other than watching a 3-D movie or looking at 3-D pictures. Wearing them at other times may lead to disorientation, which could cause a variety of problems, especially if doing things like driving a car or operating machinery.

In summary, 3-D glasses are perfectly safe in themselves. However, it is best to avoid wearing them any other time than watching the movie they were designed for. For a lot of people, they just don’t seem to like the idea of wearing glasses at all in the movie, so seeing the movie in regular 2-D is another option. Make sure they are disinfected at the movie theatre, for hygiene purposes. Moderation, as is usually the case, is key – the effects should be entertaining, rather than irritating.