Remedial massage in Rosanna

Massage is designed to promote relaxation and the betterment of your health; however, it’s important to remember that the two don’t always go hand in hand. We provide remedial deep tissue massage that not only relieves tension, but has significant health benefits. Our massage centre is based in Rosanna in Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs, making us the best place to seek local remedial massage for Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Watsonia and Macleod residents.

Unlike other massage techniques, remedial deep tissue massage focuses on the healing of specific parts of the body. Our experienced therapists focus on the deep layers of your muscle tissue, applying pressure to release chronic patterns of tension. Their techniques are enhanced by the use of cream – rather than the usual massage oil – to allow for more friction.

Benefits of deep tissue massage

1. It can help improve blood pressure
Research clearly indicates that tension and stress can influence blood pressure. Remedial massage helps to increase the production of serotonin – the hormone responsible for promoting happiness and relaxation – thus reducing tension and leading to an improvement in blood pressure.

2. Helps reduce chronic pain
Remedial massage can help relieve the pain and muscle tension caused by inflammation in the body. It allows the blood to flow more easily, loosening tight tissue clusters and relaxing the muscles.

3. Provides relief to injured muscles
If you have twisted, stretched or tight muscles, the deep tissue technique can help you find relief by enhancing the movement of toxins out of the muscles and promoting healing.Deep tissue massage is also great for people seeking to eliminate scars, as the deep pressure and patterns of movement help to gradually break up scar tissue.

Why should you go for a remedial deep tissue massage?

Muscles are likely to block oxygen and other essential nutrients when they are stressed. This leads to inflammation, which in turn results in more toxins finding their way to the muscle tissues. This is where deep tissue massage can help. It effectively loosens your muscles, allowing toxins to be released and the blood to start flowing normally. As the blood flows, oxygen finds its way through the muscle tissues, increasing your relaxation. Drinking a lot of water after the massage will help to further eliminate all toxins from the body.

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