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There are many common causes of headaches, including high and low blood sugar, hormonal changes, hangovers, and dental problems. However, a particularly frequent and overlooked cause is the malfunction of spinal bones in the neck and upper back.

Alteration in the normal alignment and function of the spinal bones may cause irritation and inflammation of the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels – including the sensitive nerves and blood vessels to the head. The stretching or irritation of spinal nerves and related tissues can produce throbbing headaches. Aspirin and other medications may cover up these warning signs, but do not correct the underlying structural cause.

If a thorough examination reveals reduced range of motion, loss of the normal spinal curve, or mechanical restrictions, chiropractic care should be considered. Chiropractic care focuses on improving and correcting the alignment, balance and function of the spinal joints and muscles. This may provide relief from recurring headaches, without the use of drugs and medication.

Before any treatment is initiated, we will examine you thoroughly to identify the causes of your headaches.

Many people find relief from their pain by seeking headache treatment at Melbourne’s Rosanna Chiropractic Health Centre. Our experienced chiropractors provide safe and effective treatment for headaches by using leading-edge technology and trusted chiropractic techniques. We focus on addressing the underlying cause of the issue, rather than just the symptoms, meaning you are more likely to get an effective result.

Our emphasis is on providing a personalised service which addresses each patient’s individual needs. This means that, after a complete explanation of the issue, you will receive a care program designed specifically for your unique spinal problem.

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Neck Pain

Talk to us about neck pain treatment in Melbourne

Everyone will most likely experience neck pain at some point, whether serious or not. We are human, after all. By this I mean that the very design of our bodies may leave us vulnerable to strains, sprains and injuries. Your head is essentially a weight for neck muscles to support, and if these muscles should weaken or fail, we are left with a very real possibility of injury.

So, the question then is: ‘Is my neck pain serious?’

If you are experiencing mild stiffness or irritation that disappears on its own after a night of rest, chances are you simply need to change your lifestyle. The manner in which you hold your head during your normal routine may have a profound impact on how the muscles in the neck will feel. For example, if you hold the phone to your ear with your shoulder at work all day, you might want to rethink that habit. Maybe you sit at a desk all day and read with your head down – not a very good idea, either.

For help determining the cause of your neck pain, contact Rosanna Chiropractic Health Centre to arrange an examination. We provide high-quality neck pain treatment to Melbourne customers to help them not only find the cause of the problem, but to help them overcome any bad habits and replace them with healthy ones.

If, however, your discomfort continues for a few days – or the pain moves from annoying to unbearable – your body is trying to tell you that something is not normal and you should visit your chiropractor as soon as possible. Some explanations for this prolonged pain may be disease, arthritis, degeneration, an injury, or possibly a malformation at birth.

No matter what the problem is, determining the cause of the pain is the first step towards curing it. To do this, your chiropractor will assess triggers such as posture, your usual behaviours and habits, your occupation and your overall physical condition – in addition to the clinical observations. When it comes to treating neck pain in Melbourne, our team will do their best to help you have the best outcome possible. We will work with you to pinpoint the problem and work towards not only eliminating it, but also avoiding it again in the future.

If your condition is not one that we feel may be helped with chiropractic care we will make recommendations who may be more helpful.  We work with your GP, we also work with physiotherapists, neurologists, orthopaedists, myotherapists, osteopaths, and many others.  Again, our main concern is your best outcome.

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Visit our back pain specialists in Melbourne

If you’re currently considering your options for chronic back pain treatment in Melbourne, consider the Rosanna Chiropractic Health Centre.

Chiropractic adjustments as a treatment for back pain may help to normalise spinal function and reduce painful symptoms without drugs or surgery.

Pain of any kind is a sign that something is wrong. Some people silence the pain with drugs – but that can be the equivalent of removing the battery to quiet a smoke detector. In other words, silencing the painful alarm may cause us to overlook the true cause of our pain. In many instances, treating the pain instead of the cause may allow the spine to degenerate to a level that chiropractic treatment and even medication may no longer be able to help.

Many of the spine’s pain-sensing nerves are located in the joints at the back of each spinal bone, which help to control how the bone moves. The normally smooth surfaces on which these joints glide may become rough, irritated and inflamed.

Lower back pain can be attributed to many factors – including bad posture and lifting techniques, over-exertion, trauma, and inherited spinal abnormalities. Another cause may be a bulging disc putting pressure on the spinal cord or a nearby nerve root. The result is often numbness, tingling, or pain down the leg.

The chiropractic approach to lower back pain treatment is to help restore a more normal motion and position of the affected spinal bones through specific chiropractic adjustments. The simplicity and success of this approach has been documented in numerous research projects and has helped many patients avoid risky surgery.

If your condition is not one that we feel may be helped with chiropractic care we will make recommendations who may be more helpful.  We work with your GP, we also work with physiotherapists, neurologists, orthopaedists, myotherapists, osteopaths, and many others.  Our main concern is your best outcome.

Find out if your issue can be helped by a chiropractic lower back treatment, and enjoy the positive results that millions of patients have discovered.

Your Choices:

We’ve helped many people with safe and natural chiropractic care with our treatment for lower back pain in Melbourne. Other alternatives include:

  • Ignore the problem (spinal problems may worsen)
  • Bed rest (often prolongs the problem)
  • Drugs (Usually covers up the problem)
  • Surgery


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