Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture is a wonder way to help keep your body in balance. Rosanna Chiropractic Health Centre offers a wide range of treatment options to help you achieve your health goals.  Dr. Danielle Maguire is our Chinese Medicine doctor offering a variety of modalities.  If you have not given acupuncture or Chinese medicine a try before now is the perfect opportunity to see how Dr. Danielle can help you.


Dr Danielle Maguire (TCM) is a passionate and highly skilled Chinese Medicine Practitioner who graduated with honours from RMIT University. She has degrees in both Human Biology & Chinese Medicine and has interned in a Chinese Medicine integrative hospital in Nanjing, China. Danielle is a registered practitioner with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) with post graduate training in natural fertility support.

Though Acupuncture can treat a wide variety of conditions, Danielle’s particular passion is in improving Women’s Health & Fertility, Pain Relief, Stress & Anxiety and Digestive Health.

Being a major advocate of food for healing, Danielle incorporates individualised diet and lifestyle advice with Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxa and Herbal Medicine to provide personalised, natural and effective healthcare.

Acupuncture isn’t just for the body, it’s also relaxing, working to improve moods and emotional health. Seeing healthy, happy people enjoying life, free from debilitating conditions is Danielle’s driving passion.

Danielle’s warm and gentle approach in her practice will leave even the most concerned patients at ease.

Patients of all ages welcome, including children.

At Rosanna Chiropractic we often refer to Dr. Danielle for our patients with chronic pain.  Many patients come to us with chronic pain and that pain may take weeks to subside.  Dr. Danielle can often help to reduce that pain while your body slowly repairs, making your treatment much more comfortable.

Dr. Danielle also has a special interest in women’s health.  She has a multifaceted approach to women’s health that includes nutrition, Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  This can be especially helpful for those going through menopause and other hormonal issues.

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